Nov 18 2012

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Each epoch in history bears and follows different paradigms. The age of enlightenment was founded on a unique concept of tolerance, reason and freedom of thought. The second half of the twentieth century brought issues of individualism, personal freedom and self-fulfillment to the collective conscience and shaped perception, ways of living and understanding of the following generations.

At present time, the internet age allows for revolutionary new communication concepts, which bring together all kinds of people and enable the exchange of ideas among them. On the other hand, we observe an anachronistic drift to dogmatism, which is in strong contrast to the globally accessible diversity of opinions.

In physics this tendency becomes manifest as an increasing trend towards canonical thinking: the speculative element is more and more pushed back in favor of a closed view of the world.

The journal Gamma Orionis Chronicles of Physics intends to counterbalance this recent development in natural sciences and physics in particular. Our policy revives the idea of diversity giving room for publication of new alternative and speculative approaches.

We are optimistic, that our concept will lead to new insights and alternative descriptions of the beautiful and complex world we live in.


Richard Herrmann

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